Pre Wedding Functions

Pre Wedding Functions

When you are looking for something extraordinary that is truly and uniquely Indian for your pre wedding functions, our expertise can help you make the right choices. Our in house personnel understand the delicate nature of the relationships and religious functions and will be with you right from the start till the end of the marriage. We offer a complete package right from pre nuptial functions till the actual wedding celebrations and the reception thereafter.

Mehendi Ki Raat


“Mehendi ha rachne wali, Haatho me sajne wali…” Mehendi adorned hands of the soon to be bride and family members mark the start of the wedding festivities. In many communities both the groom and the bride’s hands and feet are decorated with intricate designs of Mehendi. Our Mehendi wallahs are adept at bridal designs and various types of Mehendi designs. They can also incorporate if you have something particular in mind as well. The most popular designs are known as


Arbi designs are not very intricate and tend to be flowing. The most popular designs incorporate flowers or vines. This is an excellent choice for those that want lighter styles of Mehendi


Indian designs are extremely intricate and can be very time consuming to recreate depending on the designs that are chosen. Often peacocks, vines and flowers and other natural motifs find their way in these beautiful and ornate designs.


The African Mehendi style is also favored by some though it consists of geometric shapes and dots. However the effect is quite pretty.


Before the actual Mehendi day, our Mehendi wall will actually sit down and discuss the various options for the bride and the family members. Depending on the design, the application of Mehendi on the hands and the feet for the bride can take as long as 6 hours. Mehendi is an intricate part of the wedding celebration and is considered extremely auspicious. Only natural Mehendi is used and there are no additives that are used for darkening the hands.


Whether it is a grand styled Mehendi function or just a small event, our in house chefs and catering personnel can truly make this an event memorable. Enjoy the event with specially selected Mehendi songs from folk lore and Bollywood, or better still let our musicians entertain you with their rich repertoire of Mehendi songs on a dholki.

" Mehndi Tere Naam Ki "


The Formal Cocktail Night

The pre wedding cocktail has become a mainstay of the many Indian weddings. We offer many themed cocktail events. Our bartenders and waiters are aptly trained and will keep you entertained in high spirits throughout the night. We also understand that there are many that prefer many hued mocktails. This is the reason, that the bartenders are adept at serving a variety of cocktails and mocktails as well. We use only the best fruits and syrups and drinks for the occasion. Choose from a variety of venues and menus that will serve the occasion well. For themed cocktails, all props, lights, flower decoration, food will be done with an eye on the detail. We can organize live entertainment and a DJ with a dancing floor, where the guest can let the hair down. The DJ will play the popular remixes that will keep the wine flowing and the conversation going.


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