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We understand that no two individuals are alike but when they and their families choose to live together, there is a mutual understanding happening. In older times we were bound by the nature of society which resulted in being in a relationship irrespective of how fulfilling it is. But now the rules have changed, they are more open and exceptable. So the onus of harbouring a fulfilling relationship lies with the life. Here Gulkriti steps in by providing you a well etched programme which would enable you to be reasonable and effective in all areas of life.


Gulkriti provides individual psychotherapy, Imago Relationship couples therapy and marriage counseling, sex therapy and group psychotherapy in india.We are a group of psychologists, clinical social workers and nurse practitioners with a broad base of experience treating anxiety, depression, and stress related to relationships, work, infidelity and sexual problems. Our couples and marriage counseling is geared to enhance intimacy and resolve conflicts. As a group practice we can coordinate individual and couples therapy among our different providers. In this jet age, when people can't devote much time for socialising and nobody takes responsibility for others, we give professional services to all the strata of society for arranging marriages of their children.Our bureau makes the world small for the people and tries to abolish caste system and dowry system.We take active interest in widow-remarriage and re-marriage of divorce ladies.


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Problems in Married Life..?

People often seek individual treatment for anxiety and depression and other mood disorders. Anxiety and depression can be brought on by occupational stress, loss or tension in close relationships, a geographic move, trauma, life transitions or chemical imbalance . We tailor our work to each unique set of problems and concerns. Here 'Gulkriti ' release people to increase their self-esteem, manage stress and anger, resolve parent-child or work conflicts and strengthen the resilience of those raised in dysfunctional families.


What problems can one turn with to a marriage counselor ?


  • · difficulties due to lack of communication
  • . expectation level of each partner
  • . responsibility issues
  • . one of partners has had an affair
    · divorce
    · abuse of any kind
    · money issues
    · problems with a job
    · sex life
    · children
    · gay/lesbian issues


Benefits of Marriage Counseling ?


  • * Releases your tensions
  • * Conflicts are resolved
  • * Improving communication between a couple
  • * Finding the core of the problem
  • * Identifying the issues that are really affecting the relationship rather than focusing on more superficial problems
  • * Helps to gain faith within the couple
  • * Providing help and resources to make the marriage stronger and more fulfilling


Types of Marriage Counseling ?


* Pre marriage Counseling

* After marriage Counseling

* Communication Problems

* Physical Relation Problem

* Child Caring issues

* Lack of Faith issues

* After child issues

* Financial issues


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