Kids !! This One is for You :)

Sometimes the party theme is clear from the occasion, such as for holidays or end-of-season sports celebrations. Other times, especially birthdays, the theme is up to you and your child. Party favors are a nice way to thank your guests for attending, reciprocate for their thoughtful presents, and send them on their way with their own "present" from your party. We also arrange dozens of cute party favor boxes that are an excellent value.


Special Arrangement of Parties For Kids.


Gulkriti Plan special Activities, games, and entertainment enliven the party, provide an opportunity for the children to interact, and can be the most fun and memorable part of a party. Advance planning and preparation are the keys to successful party activities. We paln Special Birth Day Parties, Puppet Shows, Inflated Bounce Gyms, Circus, Games, Magic

Shows, etc for kids. Theses arrangements are also done in wedding parties so that the young ones can enjoy there own private party.


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