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Venue Booking

Booking a wedding reception venue sounds like it would be a straight forward, easy task. But there are many considerations when comparing wedding reception sites. The bride and groom, and their families if applicable, should begin by determining the wedding date or the possible dates, the budget for the wedding, and the approximate number of invited guests. Doing so will eliminate from consideration the wedding reception sites that are too expensive, too small, or unavailable wedding date.


Gulkriti help you to book venues for your events. We can book Farm houses, Marriage Banquets, Halls, Rental Lands..etc. Many things should be kept in mind befor booking a venue


 • Is the location convenient and accessible to all of your guests, including those that are elderly and handicapped?
 • Do you like the lighting, carpeting, the dance floor area?
 • Is the bridal suite large enough to accommodate your entire bridal party or will you be cramped?
 • If you've done tastings, how do the menus compare in terms of presentation, quantity, quality and of course price?

• What is the staff per guest ratio?
 • Are there multiple weddings taking place at once?
 • Are you allowed to order a custom wedding cake from an outside vendor?
 • Did you get a good vibe from the catering manager and other key staff members you'll have to interact with up to and on the big day?
 • How do venue contracts differ, and do they stipulate every single item you discussed with the catering manager?


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