Site Decoration

Site Decoration !!

We are passionate about inspiring you with gorgeous table decorations and finishing touches, but with so many trends and products available, deciding on the right look for your special occasion can be confusing. Our 'Ideas & Inspiration' section will help with everything, from how to put a theme together, to using colour on your table.We provide experts which will enhance the beauty of your wedding party or event by setting up Flashing Lights, Mandap Decoration, Site Decoration, Balloons, party poppers, Fire Shots...etc.

We specialize in Baby Shower Decorations, Bridal Shower Supplies, 1st Birthday and Baptism Decorations - that's our expertise! We carry over 2,500 specialty bridal and baby favors, and party supplies including invitations, centerpieces, tableware, plates, napkins, banners, balloons, party favors, and much more. All of our items are carefully coordinated and color matched into over 80 different shower themes. All the accessories are there for you to create the perfect event!

Folwer Decoration Service


Fresh flowers underline the importance and elegance of your wedding day. They enhance any setting and can literally transform an average looking room into a beautiful scene. If you've planned well, your flowers will be exactly what you want, and you'll be free to focus on what your day is all about.


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