About Us

Best Event Planner in India

Gulkriti Wedding Planner was created with the awareness that the preparations of a marriage are the most amusing and exciting parts of the event, but often, a lack of time means that modern couples are unable to follow the organizational part in all of its tones. Our professional Wedding Planners will help you with the planning of your marriage, taking care of every detail so that you are left calm and free to enjoy the preparations of your wedding without leaving anything to chance.

Why Us ?

A simple reason why a person should choose us is a fact that we are professional in all the listed services and put our heart & soul into it. Since its not only about the business, its a passion with us to top it all a repeat clientele is our main strength.


  • * Prenuptial Counseling
  • * Meditation (Healing Master)
  • * Prenuptial Marriage Contract
  • * Consultation for the planning of the whole wedding
  • * Search of the location for the reception (villas, castles, historical houses, etc…)
  • * Restaurants, catering and banqueting services
  • * Flower art
  • * Organization of the stay and other services for guests from out of town (tourist visits, suppers, spa, etc…)
  • * Wedding dresses and bridegrooms suits
  • * Posters and other advertising
  • * Photography and professional video filming
  • * Beauty: hair styles and make-up for the bride and other female guests
  • * Car Hire: modern, exclusive or classic
  • * Mini-bus for guests
  • * Music for the ceremony and the reception
  • * Entertainment for the reception
  • * Organization of a baby-club
  • * Co-ordination of the day of the marriage + Top


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